My country7

I would like to introduce the Netherlands.
The Netherlands is a very small country, which is as large as Kyusyu, but people living there are energetic and surtisfied with there lives. Why are they? I think that their personality to have to do with history of the Netherlands.
The Dutch were having trouble, because the land is lower than the surface of the sea.
They have, however, made use of a strong north wind by converting wind-power into electricity. The country has developed with windmills. They are a symbol of a powerful way of life. 
I remembered the day when we took a ship in a canal in my childhood. It was a day of bright sunshine. Many flowers were blooming, beats were flying, and I felt the wind; strong, strong, strong wind.
Now, I live in Japan. When it is a strong windy day, I usually remind and yearning for my country.


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